Meeting Myself In The Moment

Meeting My Self in the Moment

“sit in the Self

inhale in the Self

exhale in the Self

let the attention

rest in the Self”

(Billy Doyle; “The Mirage of Separation”)

I nearly pulled a muscle the other day. It was the end of a long day, full of busy anticipation for the coming festivities, and I was looking forward to unwinding at a yoga class I wasn’t teaching. The class began as usual – us students exchanged greetings and pleasantries before we settled onto our mats for the warm-up. As we went through the familiar stretches I allowed my mind to wander to thoughts of the holidays; presents to be wrapped, decorations to be put up, food to be purchased, prepared and enjoyed, family and friends to catch up with …


Back to reality with a sudden twinge in the back of my thigh. Sometimes the body is our best teacher! I found my Self back in the moment and realised I had become lost in thought; assuming my body was the same as it had been last week. Before the frost had set in hard, before I spent the weekend walking around town. Before this moment.

I came back to my Self.

Relax. Breathe. Find the pose; MY version of the pose, in THIS moment. Ahhh! It did not matter that my leg was less flexible than last week: last week is a memory. All that truly matters is this moment now. I set my intention to stay in the moment for the rest of the class, relaxed into each pose and enjoyed my practice.

I intend to try and stay in the moment as much as possible over the holidays, savouring every moment as it arrives. Relax. Breathe. Come back to my Self.

I’d love to hear how you come back┬áto your Self in the comments. I’ll let you know how my intention goes in the New Year!

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